PM’s Decision to Join Army Boosted Morale of Armed Forces, People: Press Secretary

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Addis Ababa, November 30, 2021 (ENA) The decision of Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed to join the army has boosted the morale of the military and the people of Ethiopia to unite and resist the threat of the terrorist TPLF, Press Secretary Billene Seyoum said.

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In a media briefing she gave today, Billene said the decision has obviously enhanced the morale of the defense force and the people in the fight against the terrorist group.  

In the past few days alone, great strides have been made in forcing the terrorist group to relinquish from key areas, particularly Kasagita, Chifra, and Burka.

The advance of the terrorist TPLF into Afar region by aiming to block the country from the main corridor that connects the country with the Port of Djibouti was effectively thwarted, she noted.  

The press secretary further said there is a misrepresentation of PM Abiy’s decision to join the army by the West. The decision was not an escalation rather it is a constitutional responsibility to preserve and ensure state cohesion ,which the PM is tasked with.

“We have seen for the past months the terrorist organization escalating the conflict into two other regions,” Billene pointed out.

She elaborated that the National Defense Force has, therefore, launched a counterattack on the terrorist TPLF and the premier is now leading the army from the front.

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