PM Says Ethiopia Common Home, Crucial for Building Better Future

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Addis Ababa December 8/2022 (ENA) Ethiopia is our common home that remains pivotal for building a better future for the coming generation, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said today.

Addressing the crowd gathered to celebrate the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day in Hawassa, he said Ethiopia is our common home and if we don’t create a situation where we live together peacefully, develop and prosper together, it is impossible to survive separately.

“We all are essential for Ethiopia,” the premier noted, adding that our beauty would be colorful under the umbrella of Ethiopia.

He stressed that all nations and nationalities and peoples, all cultures, all history together make a beautiful Ethiopia.

Abiy stated that “we have to open our hearts to shine together.”

Yesterday is history, he said, and added that if we use our past for learning then our future will be better and brighter.

“Criticizing persons for their deeds in the remote past is meaningless as they cannot hear us.  Whether they did good or bad, they have already passed,” he pointed out.

For the premier, building a better future for children, learning from the past, and passing a better legacy for the new generation is crucial.

It is better for any individual or group to note that no problem can be solved locally before the challenges of Ethiopia are addressing, Abiy underscored.  

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Demeke Mekonnen, and First Lady Zenash Tayachew, ministers, regional chief administrators, senior government officials and invited guests attended the celebration.

The 17th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Day is being colorfully celebrated in Hawassa city under the theme of “National Unity for Lasting Peace.”

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