PM Reviews Construction of Abbay Bridge, Awards Federal Security Forces & Institutions

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May 11, 2022 (ENA)  Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed reviewed today the status of the construction of the bridge on the Abbay River and the construction of a road from Bahir Dar to the new bridge during his brief stay in Bahir Dar.

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According to the Office of the Prime Minister, the bridge is 380 meters long and 43 meters broad, while the road is 4.7 kilometers long.

The construction is scheduled to be finished next year and stands at 62% project progress, it added.

The premier also awarded federal level security forces and institutions during the Amhara regional government’s thanksgiving and recognition ceremony for contributions to the law enforcement operation.

Abiy stated that coming together for a common cause will allow us to overcome adversity and build long-term prosperity for the country.

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