PM Abiy’s Visit to Sudan Timely, Vital to Elevate Strategic Ties: Sudanese Journalist

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January 31/2023/ENA/ The visit of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Sudan has a great impact in strengthening the longstanding and strategic relationship between Ethiopia and Sudan, Sudanese writer and journalist Luay Abdul-Rahman said.

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In an exclusive interview with ENA, Abdul-Rahman noted the exchange of visits by the leaders of Ethiopia and Sudan has a great impact in strengthening and developing the relationships between the two countries.

The recent visit of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to Sudan came at an appropriate time because the relationships between the Ethiopian and Sudanese peoples is longstanding, strong and deep-rooted, he affirmed.

Therefore, he added it is a positive step, especially since the Ethiopian government had previously contributed to mending the rift before two years between Sudanese forces and the mediation had a great impact in ending the conflict.

“I expect Ethiopia to succeed in bringing together the parties because of the great acceptance that Abiy Ahmed enjoys from the Sudanese, whether it is from the Sudanese public or Sudanese political parties and civil society organizations, as well as his strong relationship with the military component in Sudan.”Citing that the Sudanese people have been greatly harmed by the solutions which were imported from abroad, including external tutelage, he said that external interventions do not serve the interest of the Sudanese people, but rather they come in the interest of those countries that intervened just to advance their interest.The relationship between Sudan and Ethiopia is a strategic relationship, old, renewed and developed relationship, he noted.

Accordingly, the two countries can move forward in economic and political cooperation for the benefit of the respective nations and for the benefit of the peoples of the region.

“In the field of economic cooperation, we know that electricity is available in Ethiopia and Sudan needs it because it wants to work to ensure that there are transformational industries of production.”

For Abdul-Rahman, Ethiopia can supply electricity and energy to Sudan; Sudan can benefit in the field of industries, to move its the economy, earning foreign currency and creating jobs for a large number of Sudanese youth.

The two countries can advance their relations in several areas in the field of railways so that Ethiopia can benefit from Port Sudan.

The visit of the officials of the two countries has a great impact in strengthening and developing the relationship between the two countries.

The exchange of visits to Ethiopia and Sudan between the leaders is a clear signal to the peoples of the two countries as there is a good relationship between the two governments and there is no enmity, he elaborated.

The main message is that “there is a strong cohesion and a strong relationship between the two countries and that it will move forward as well.”

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