PM Abiy Urges All Ethiopians to Support Upcoming National Dialogue With Enthusiasm, Ownership

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April 1 /2022 ( ENA) Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stressed that the inclusiveness of upcoming national dialogue will only be achieved if all Ethiopians are able to support the process with enthusiasm and ownership.

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The Prime Minister said Ethiopia had encountered several golden opportunities over the past centuries that could have changed history.

The upcoming national dialogue should be taken as a golden opportunity to curb the political challenges of the nation that have been rolling for centuries and lay the foundations for our future, the premier stated.

 “If we just forget and undermine the fact that this opportunity is being secured as a result of an immense hard work and long history, we can easily lose it,” he warned.

However, Abiy added that if the nation tries to exploit the opportunity by considering it as a pearl, it could be a game changer.    

For the inclusive national dialogue to be successful, the process must be credible and inclusive, Abiy said, adding this will happen “when we are all able to support and  strengthen the National Dialogue Commission, which oversees the process.”

The Premier further urged all parties to contribute their part to the dialogue process with a sense of ownership and ensure their participation.

The government at all levels will continue to provide the necessary support to ensure the efficiency of the established National Dialogue Commission, he reaffirmed.

Abiy also called on regional state administrators to provide the necessary inputs for the work of the Commission and create conducive environment for its activities with sincerity, ownership and historical responsibility.

The Prime Minister has demanded competing parties not only to participate in the discussion but also as the owner of the process do all that is necessary for the success of the process.

Abiy urged intellectuals to be an active participant of the national dialogue process and to contribute significantly to this historic journey.

He also urged religious leaders and elders to fulfill their national duty by supporting the dialogue process at this time when the country is in the process of reaching an agreement.

The responsibility of all falls on the shoulders of the nation and the people, he said, adding “we must all deal with our differences in a responsible manner.”

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