PM Abiy says Gov’t committed to abolishing Terrorist Groups in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa July 7/2022/ENA/ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the government of Ethiopia is strongly committed to abolishing every one of the terrorist groups in Ethiopia.

The 16th ordinary meeting of the House of People’s Representatives held today in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

During the occasion, members of the parliament(MPs) raised several questions to the Prime Minister on current issues including economic development and challenges of security in the country.

One of the questions raised was related to the terrorist Shine that has been committing heinous acts against innocent Ethiopians.

The Premier said that the government’s concerted efforts to eradicate any terrorist groups in Ethiopia will be strengthened.

Terrorism is one of the biggest challenges of the global community including developed nations like the US, Abiy said, adding  that the Ethiopian security forces have been dearly sacrificing to eliminate the terrorist groups by overcoming various challenges.  

Positive achievements have been registered in this regard as the security forces were able to thwart several terrorist plots, which were planned to be executed in various parts of the country including the capital Addis Ababa, the Prime Minister stated.

Noting that the major task of the government is protecting the safety of its citizens, in this regard, he urged for a strong cooperation and collaboration of Ethiopians as a whole for realizing the efforts of the government.

Ethiopia has been facing multifaceted and coordinated pressures from various domestic and external forces with a view to dismantle the country, out of various motives, Abiy said.

Ethiopia is endowed with immense natural resources and strong human capital as well age-old  historical and political strength that are vital for future advancements, the premier said and added that “There are elements across the globe who don’t want a strong and prosperous Ethiopia.”    

The government of Ethiopia is making utmost efforts to overcome the multifaceted war being orchestrated against the country through different fronts, he underlined.   

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