PM Abiy Says Ethiopianness Stands for being Victorious

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Addis Ababa November `11/2021 (ENA) “By standing together, we Ethiopians will show to the rest of the world that Ethiopianness stands for being victorious,” Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said.

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Addressing the ‘Addis Weg’ discussion forum, Abiy said to understand the war launched by the terrorist TPLF, it is critical to review and observe things from the get-go where the intention to disintegrate Ethiopia began.

He further explained that the structural and plundering plans that have come to the open now were plotted earlier to disintegrate Ethiopia.

Citing that the terrorist group has been working during its rule to sow hatred among Ethiopians so that they would hate one another, he further mentioned that it had been busy destroying the history, value, and identity of the people.

The current war in Ethiopia is a war of deceit, the premier noted, adding that incredible lies and  propaganda are being spread.

Abiy recalled that this same propaganda was used in 1991. The group which was many kilometers far away from Addis Ababa managed to enter the capital city without a fight by disseminating propaganda.  

The terrorist group  is  repeating the same propaganda to repeat that same story without changing its strategy, the PM stated, underlining that no one will be deceived by the same old trick.

Prime Minister Abiy stressed to enemies near and afar that Ethiopia will never disintegrate but  overcome the current challenges and rise up.

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