PM Abiy Inaugurates Ethiopia’s State-Of-The-Art Science Museum –

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Addis Ababa, October 4/2022 (walta) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated state-of-the-art Science museum today.

The museum contains a science and technology exhibition hall dedicated to the development and application of scientific ideas and instruments.

Lying on 6.78 hectares, the museum contains a science and technological innovation exhibition area, circular in shape and dubbed ‘ring of wisdom’ to denote humanity’s endless ability and capacity to continuously create. The museum complex rests on 15,000-meter square of land with a height of 9meters and carrying two floors.

The main floor contains a visitor’s center, two large exhibition halls, an amphitheater and various offices, and a cafeteria area. The scenic 360 roof top houses a solar farm and a roof garden for relaxing outside.

The second part of the science museum is the Dome Theater which is a 3-dimensional cinema with 24meter height and 450-meter square space and able to accommodate up to 200 people at once.



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