PM Abiy Extends Best Wishes for Ethiopian Christmas

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Addis Ababa January 6/2023 /ENA/ Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed extended best wishes for a merry Ethiopian Christmas.

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In his best wishes, the PM said the birthday of Jesus is considered among Christians the beginning of reconciliation.

The premier noted that the celebration demonstrates the fact that unity has been maintained.

The birth of Christ turned the age of redemption into mercy and united human beings with eternal reconciliation, the prime minister pointed out.

Celebrating the birth of Christ is important to uniting those who were at enmity with each other, Abiy indicated in his message.

The current division and enmity being witnessed among us is not our real behavior, but it is a result of conspiracy orchestrated against us, he underlined.

The PM further stressed that Ethiopians would be beneficial if they are able to draw lessons from the story of the birth of Christ with a view to making the future Ethiopia better.

The Premier stressed the need to further forge unity despite the efforts of few against it.

Abiy added that everyone should stand together and work in unison to see the new Ethiopia we want.

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