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January 26, 2021
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Please stop deporting Abi Amare to Ethiopia, where he’ll face a death penalty

Please stop deporting Abi Amare to Ethiopia, where he’ll face a death penalty.
Misguided, the Norwegian government is deporting a well known human rights activist —Abi Amare—for a death penalty to the terrorist regime in Ethiopia.

Mr Abi is among prominent Ethiopian political activists in Norway. He left Ethiopia as a result of an existential threat for his life. Since he moved to Norway, Abi has been very active in Ethiopian politics, an activity that exacerbated his fraught relationship with the tyrant regime in Ethiopia. He is an active member , and organizer in a political organization. It’s sad to learn that ‘The Norwegian Immigration Authority’ refused to offer protection ; as a result of which Abi is waiting for his deportation from Trandum station.

We kindly ask that ‘The Norwegian Immigration Authority’ reconsider its misguided and regrettable decision.



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