Planned Nat’l Dialogue Good Opportunity to Address Key Challenges in Ethiopia: Diplomacy Scholar

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Addis Ababa, March 18/2022 /ENA/ The planned national dialogue in Ethiopia is a good opportunity to address basic challenges and ensure the peace and unity of the country, School of Diplomacy Head Endale Nigusse said.

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It is to be recalled that Ethiopia has established National Dialogue Commission with a view to bring a lasting peace vital to the prosperity of the country.  

Commissioners of the National Dialogue Commission have also been appointed by the House of Peoples’ Representatives recently.

School of Diplomacy and International Relation Head at Civil Service University, Endale Nigusse told ENA that the national dialogue will help to identify ways to address the ongoing national challenges in Ethiopia by creating concensus among the people of Ethiopia.  

The scholar noted many countries across the globe had held national dialogue to address their internal problems that they had encountered in their history.

For instance, he mentioned the neighboring Kenya that conducted effective national consultation in the country to stop conflict and civil strife that had once dragged the country in to chaos following the 2007 election.

According to him, Kenyans carried out extensive dialogue in various steps and they reached consensus on issues vital to bring a lasting peace and stability and ensure democracy in the country and they were successful.

Likewise, Endale said Ethiopians have the opportunity to undertake similar efforts focusing on basic national issues that are important to ensure their unity, sovereignty, and national interest.

The national dialogue in Ethiopia will be successful to address the daunting challenges of the country if conducted by engaging all segments of the society, Endale underlined.  

Actions that permit unwelcomed interference and influence on the process of the dialogue must be avoided as it is crucial for the positive outcome of the dialogue, he added.  

Endale has also urged the government and all pertinent actors in the process to participate constructively by encouraging the general public to play their parts freely with a view to ensuring the successful conduct of the dialogue.  

According to him, all Ethiopians should not expect to agree on all issues but accept the need to reach consensus on key matters that are vital to bring lasting peace and ensure the unity of the country the rest will be determined through referendum and other means.  

Ethiopians should also consider applying their existing social capitals including the cultural and religious values in their consultations as they are important for the successful conduct of the dialogue, the expert underlined.

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