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The people of Gondar will never back down for the expansionist Tigray People Liberation Front, TPLF


By Kaleab Tessema

Since 1991, the people of Welkait Tsegeday and Humera have been murdered and demonized by the Tigray People Liberation Front, TPLF to extend their borders to the Sudan by annexing the arable lands of Gondar to create the ‘greater Tigray.’  The TPLF’s goal was not covert for most of Ethiopians; it was in their manifesto that they would take the portion of Gondar, and Wollo including port of Assab enable them to secede from Ethiopia.  Furthermore, the TPLF’s main aim was after it secured the independent ‘Republic of greater Tigray,’ it would expand its border all the way down to Gambella to obtain agricultural resources to establish a sustainable economy. There is sufficient evidence that the recent infantile and ridiculous map posted on Ethiopians social media where people could not even believe how these block-headed people disdain and undermine the intelligences of the Ethiopian people.  No wonder, the late tyrant Prime Minister had a purpose in building the Hedase Dam between the border of Benishangul and Sudan, because the ‘greater Tigray’ would have an access for hydroelectric power.


Of course, according to the new map, Benishangul and Gambella regions are incorporated to ‘greater Tigray,’ but I am all agog to see when this silly dream comes true. For that matter, Benishangul was part of Gojam; and this is obviously the TPLF’s big scheme to engulf the Amhara by the anti-Amhara where the chances are high for the Amhara to become a minority and economically scrounger of the new ‘greater Tigray.’  This is a deliberate action of the TPLF to eliminate the Amhara populations. This is a shallow far-fetched and unrealistic wishful-thinking and hopscotching of the TPLF.


Right now, the TPLF is clandestinely murdering and torturing the people of Welkait for being an Amhara and evicted by force from their ancestral lands.  Hence, the Woyanne Tigre is trying to achieve its goal by killing and mass incarcerations on the Welkait Tsegeday, and Humera people but these heinous crimes on innocent civilians, will quickly cause the demise of the TPLF’s power.  Of course, at this point the brutal regime got an army who clings tightly to the people of Gondar, and its force engages in the systematic murder of as many as thousands of civilians, whom are Amharas.  This vampire regime should learn from Adolph Hitler, how he massively executed the innocent Jewish civilians for not being Aryan race, but killing six million Jewish people, it did not save him from the crimes he committed. The same is true that Woyanne Tigre cannot avoid accountability of the crime they committed to the Welkait Tsegeday people.


In spite of the aforementioned above, the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) formed 1976 to liberate Tigray from Ethiopia supporting by the Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF) receiving money and weapons.  The EPLF supported the TPLF because the latter formed a buffer between Ethiopian army and Shabia.  At the same time, the TPLF accepted that the “Eritrean question is a question of colony” which was helpful for the TPLF to survive during its early years.  On the same token, the time was very favorable for the TPLF because the Soviet Union had fallen apart and the Ethiopian government could not get military aid.  Primarily, the Woyanne was fighting for the independence of Tigray, and they had no intention to control the whole country, it was just a serendipitously coincided for the TPLF to climb to power. Otherwise, it would be hard for Woyanne Tigre to win the war before the Soviet Union succumbed.


To come to the point, the TPLF’s savagery action on the Amhara people, will have a grave repercussion for the TPLF and its   supporters.  As history tells, the Oromo, Amhara, and the Tigre people who peacefully lived side by side for thousand and thousand years, for which they fought the foreign invasion. One example is King Yohanes who died fighting with the enemy in Metema which ceded to Sudan by the TPLF.  And now the TPLF reversed the history by implementing language based federalism where delineated a boundary between the ethnic groups which creates animosity among the people of Ethiopia to prolong its power.


I do remember during the Derg epoch, there were many Tigres who lived in Gondar and Dessie who were successful in businesses and in many other areas.  Certainly during that time, I did not see any Gondare or Wolloye who had an enmity towards to those affluent Tigres. Now, my sense tells me that the Amhara’s affinity towards any Tigres might not be there any more, because the Woyanne regime armed its own ethnicity to trigger the gun on the Amhara ethnicity to silence and live in fear.  It is true that the TPLF has been playing a docile role in order to stay long in power by training the Tigre ethnicity to spy other ethnicities.  Right now, the Woyanne Tigre is cruelly killing and throwing in jail the innocent people of the Welkait Tsegeday, Humera, Tselemit, and Armacho for being an Amhara. Thanks to Messay Mekonnen and Kasshun Yilma, the ESAT journalists who are indefatigably exposing and updating what TPLF is doing every day to an unarmed people of Welkait.


At this point, for the people of Welkait, it is beyond an identity; the Woyanne Tigre is aiming the Welkait-Amhara people to wipe out from their ancestral domain to replace its own ethnicity. This is a systematic ethnic cleanse and genocide to the people of Welkait, and this has to be strongly condemned by the international human rights.


Nevertheless, the TPLF, whatever excruciating pain does to people of Welkait Tsegeday, there is no way around the brutal regime will confiscate by force the land of Gondar. Arresting, torturing, and killing the people of Welkait, it will make the Amharas united and stronger than ever before to defend their identity.  As Malcolm X stated out  “Any time you beg another man to set you free, you will never be free. Freedom is something that you have to do for yourselves.”   It is true, otherwise the fate of the Amhara is to be a servitor for the TPLF oligarchy.


I call for the Tigryan communities staunchly and unequivocally to denounce such injustice, sadistic and irresponsible act on the Welkait Tsegeday, and Humera people. The TPLF’s venture is a foolish mistake to make the Tigre and the Amhara turn against each other to advance its own advantages. As being said, people must not forget one thing that the present regime is not lifeless or extant, they will die like everybody else sooner or later, and the people of Tigray should not be aiding and abetting the TPLF to kill the people of Welkait Tsegeday.


I read an interview given by Ghelawdewos Araia which is a frivolous and falsified story. This does not surprise me ; this shallow individual has an identity crisis.  As I heard from a true Tigryans, he and his parents were Eritrean born, and he does not know much about Tigryans. I assume that he has to try hard to prove more concern about Tigryan matters by giving a preposterous information than native Tigryan.


He reminds me during the Derg, Ethiopian born Eritreans were more devoted in supporting the Shabia than the native born Eritreans, especially, half Amhara and half Eritrean, half Oromo and half Eritrean were anti Amhara, and this was fact. Now after they realized what is going on in Eritrea, they are the number one Ethiopians.


I have had friends whom I coalesced with and at one time said to me that they are not Ethiopian, they are Ethiopian by force. Look at Tesfaye Gebreab, what he did and what is doing now.  After TPLF expelled him from the country, he tried to become an OLF to kill the Amhara. Tesfaye even has no consanguineous of Oromo blood. I do not want to waste time about him and his role is in the record.  I just brought for the information how their attitudes was towards the Amhara. So, the adjunct professor’s interview was not telling the facts; it was completely a fabulist history he gave to VOA.  However, at this point his distorting information is irrelevant to Gondare.


Look at Getachew Reda and Gebremedhin Araia are the true Tigryans and Ethiopians who are principled and stand for the truth. I have a great respect for them being consistent in what they believe.


I hate to say that and it is very disturbing to me when the Amhara elites choose to stay silent while the people of Welkait are murdering by the expansionist TPLF regime.  Look at the Oromo elites came out from where they are to voice their voices for the voiceless Oromos.  As it is known, Amhara is one of the largest ethnic groups in the country, and there are many educated Amharas around the world who are reluctant and uninterested regarding the Amhara issues which is very sad. There are a few Amhara elites who are concerned, but it is not as expected. That is why The TPLF bullying on Amhara by calling them  “donkey Amhara.”


To this end, this is how the ethnocentric regime and their cronies succeeded by using a wonted deception, and to dehumanize the innocent Amhara in Gondar.  This is a barbarous act of the TPLF regime which is unforgettable and will go down in history.  Now, TPLF came to power by force, but whether they likes or not, they will go by force even if it takes time, and this is an inevitable!




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