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Are the people of Enderta considered as a second-class citizens by other Tigrians?

Direct message to Abay Woldu: you must obey & restore the words of King Yohannes & Ras Alula for the status of Mekelle city, Mekelle is not the capital city of Enderta & must be evicted from the city

(By Halafi Mengedi)

“Deqi Enderta Ab Naimatkum Keteman Gezan Atikum Kem Xulul Kelbi Aytnbuhu, Kemtom Kalo’ot Tigaru Natkum Ketema N’dequ. B’kalo’ot Rahaxn Gulbetn Aytmekehu. Hafirkum Wuxu Kab Ketema Naimatkum.”

Enderta Awraja is the only in Tigray never contributed all the efforts going on in all Tigray Awrajas. Abay woldu must order Enderta to go back to their Awraja and build their capital city of Enderta, Mekelle is not Enderta capital city. The intention of King Yohannes and Ras Alula the founder fathers was the city to be the capital city of Tigray not one Awraja capital city and Abay Would must respect their words and intentions and order Enderta to do their fair share and build their own capital city now. Mengisti Tigray should help them to expedite their building process and the people of Enderta should do it the way other Awraja of Tigray has been doing to their capital cities. Work and show us like other Tigrayans to be proud as one of the contributors of Tigray developments not just talk and talk without any deed to show. You cannot live under others skirts and pretend as one of the contributors of Tigray for its development. Enderta building capital city in their own Awraja like Hintalo would be considered as big contribution for all Tigrayans and you would be treated equal but as of today you are the only one failed to contribute anything for Tigray developments. Start it now and you can do it in the next five years you will have beautiful city reflects your own culture and value, Mekelle is not your culture nor your value but you are dwelling as guests of all Tigrayans, that is how I see you and all Tigrayans should see you that way as well too.

Degua Tembien, Gerealta, Seharti and Samre must return to Abiy Adi for their administration city and their capital city. Mekelle should be free for all Tigryans as their federal city not specific regions of Tigray but for all 82 Zoba Tigray. Having said the above the current residents of Mekelle should remain as part of the city residents and they should not be evicted but Enderta capital city must be somewhere in Enderta Awraja not Mekelle. Mekelle never been founded to be for the capital city of Enderta nor any Enderta participated to build the city, others did it.

Tigray currently has 10 Awrajas without including the looted other regions still under Amharu. All Awraja of Tigray except Enderta people have been working hard to make their capital city as viable city people to live in them and attracting investments in their regions by providing water, planting trees in their cities and their surroundings to make Tigray modern cities anyone travels any directions but Enderta people have not contributed any effort to do their fair shares to develop one region of Enderta like the rest of Awraja cities residents. Endertas are hiding in Mekelle by the effort of the founders of Tambien people and the developers of Mekelle to modern city by all Tigrayans effort and wealth from all over Tigray regions yet the shameless Enderta do not have any consideration for other Tigrayans contribution for Tigray sitting in Mekelle and bullshitting and infecting other hard working Tigrayan youths by bringing the hated Ghetto black American cities culture to our societies in Tigray.

Deqi Enderta do not come at me I am just telling the truth and you must go after your own deceits, lies, pretending and meet the sweat, hard work and dedication for Tigray like the rest of Tigrayans, no more living in ready made city by others and claim other Tigrayans as Enderta nothing to do with your culture and custom to be the same.

Abay Woldu do the right thing and order Enderta to move their administration to Hintalo within 6 months and Degua Tembien, Seharti, Samre and Gerealta must take their administration to Abiy Adi and free Mekelle city to be the federal city of all Tigrayans as intended by the founder fathers of King Yohannes and Ras Alula. Removing Enderta from Mekelle city admin will eliminate all the bad culture going on in Mekelle city affecting the rest of Tigray youths in all Woredas. Enderta must tighten their belts and roll up their sleeves like the other nine Awraja cities and make a difference to beautify Tigray, stop pretending and smell the realty what other Tigrayans have been making a difference to our Tigray cities all to be like Mekelle.

Deqi Enderta what have you done since 1991 when Axum, Adwa, Adigrat, Awllallo, Maichew and Alamata, Abiy Adi and Yechilay, Humora and Endaslasse made huge differences to beautify Tigray, what are you doing and where have you been for the last 27 years??? It is time for Enderta people to go and start building your own capital city like every Tigrayans have been doing and your fair share as “shama shama Yiqelil Emema” Kemzubluwo Ayatatna.

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