Peace, Stability Bearing Fruit in Development Activities in Somali Region: Chief Administrator

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Addis Ababa January 31/2023/ENA/ The peace and stability that the people of Somali Region have been enjoying in recent years is significantly enhancing development activities, Somali Region Chief Administrator Mustefe said.

Somali Chief Administrator, Mustefe Mohammed told ENA that the current peace and stability in the region has contributed a lot to the development and the participation of the people after the reform.

Peace has been achieved in the region with the participation of the regional government as well as the people, he noted.

As a result, development plans have been formulated and are being implemented to alleviate the social and economic problems of the people.

According to him, participation in local development works has been reinforced as the people of the region achieved peace and stability.

The people of Somali region have made a significant contribution by building schools, providing hospitals equipment as well as building roads and bridges, the chief administrator stated.

Mustefe further noted that the contribution and participation of the residents of the region and natives living abroad is important for the implementation of the development plans.

“With the ongoing changes taking place in the region, public participation is increasing. This is because we have peace and the people have been enjoying stability. Thus, the development movement is gaining great support not only from the people of the region but also from the diaspora in particular in improving our hospitals and other infrastructure.”

The chief administrator lauded the encouraging participation of the people in various development works of social and economic importance.

The engagement in the ongoing development activities has shown the crucial role and capacity of the public.

In order to further strengthen the participation of the people and to improve the bureaucracy, the chief administrator pledged that the regional government would continue solving administrative challenges and adjusting its leadership.

Noting that the Somali region has untapped natural resources and favorable investment opportunities, Mustefe called on investors to exploit agriculture and other sectors.

“Our region is open for investment… The regional government will provide urgent support to investors. Therefore, we encourage business persons to come and invest in the region, especially in the field of manufacturing.”

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