Peace in Ethiopia Beneficial for Every Corner of the World: Iran’s Ambassador to Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa November 19/2022 /ENA/ The peace in Ethiopia will definitely benefit the region and every corner of the World as the peace, security and development are globally interlinked together, Iran’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Samad Ali Lakizadeh said.

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In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Lakizadeh said the peace agreement is a wise decision which will benefit all Ethiopians, the region and all corners of the world.

Congratulating the Government and all Ethiopians, he said “I hope that this wise decision will also be very easily implemented and will benefit with much more prosperity to all Ethiopians.”

Stating that the peace deal is in line with the principle African Union—i.e. African solution to African problems, he said that Iran will support this wise principle.

The ambassador also said that his country is ready to take part and assist the reconstruction efforts in the war-torn areas.

Noting that the peace agreement is an important decision for Ethiopians, he said “Of course I encourage all Ethiopians to use this opportunity to make their country much more prosperous for all Ethiopians as a whole.”

 Highlighting that Ethiopia is a multicultural country with diverse, culture, religion and language among others, he said as a federal country, diversity is a big asset for Ethiopia.

The ambassador indicated that his country will provide support for the full implementation of this peace agreement.

The peace deal is a step forward and has far-reaching implications to global peace and security, development as well as prosperity, the ambassador pointed out.

“Every country’s security links with others. The peace in Ethiopia will definitely benefit the region because the peace, security and development in the world is interlinked together,” he said. 

He further said: “This peace agreement of course will also serve much more for security, peace, prosperity and development not only for Ethiopia but also for the Horn of Africa  and of course every  corner of the World. “

The Government of Ethiopia is fully committed to implementing the peace agreement, according to the  statement Government Communication Service issued recently.

It is to be recalled that the peace agreement signed between the Ethiopian Peace Talks Delegation and TPLF in Pretoria, South Africa, has reiterated respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and to upholding the constitution of the country. And,  in consistent with the constitution, the agreement also reaffirmed that Ethiopia has only one national defense force.

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