Peace Agreement Will Help Improve Logistics Sector, Says ESLSE CEO

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Addis Ababa December 6/2022/ENA/ The peace agreement between the Government of Ethiopia and the TPLF will help to improve the logistics sector by ensuring goods to reach safely at every corner of the country, according to Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE).

Following the agreement, citizens living in northern Ethiopia have started to breathe the air of peace and demands for the provision of infrastructure are being addressed.

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise Chief Executive Officer, Roba Megersa told ENA that peace is vital to provide transport and logistics services across the country.

The conflict that has been going on in Ethiopia over the past years has hampered the activities of the organization’s transport and logistics sector, he said.

He stressed that peace is essential to deliver transport service to various places.

Therefore, the peace agreement will play a vital role in delivering safe products to consumers.

Peace is crucial for development work, the CEO noted, adding that “we are ready to fulfill our responsibility for the development of Ethiopia.”

Thus the peace agreement will create a favorable opportunity for the implementation of the development works the enterprise plans to carry out throughout the country.

According to him, the enterprise will also take advantage of the opportunity brought by the peace agreement and engage in construction works.

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