Pastoralists in Borena Zone of Oromia Region Call for More Support to Survive Drought

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Addis Ababa January 23/2022/ENA/ Pastoralists in the Ethiopia’s Borena Zone of Oromia region called for more support to survive the ongoing drought in the region.

According to the community, the support being provided to them has not been enough compared to the scale of the problem.

Some members of the pastoralist community told ENA that the drought occurred in the region has posed a great deal of threat to human life in addition to the death of animals.

Many animals including cattle, sheep and goats have died due to the drought in Teltele district of Borena Zone, they indicated noting that the area has been facing acute shortages of animal fodder due to the shortage of rain for the past nine months which is endangering the survival of animals.  

Though the area had been experiencing droughts in the past but the drought occurred this year is severe, they added.

They said their survival will be difficult as many animals have been dying due to the drought noting that animals are the main sources of livelihood in the area.

It was learned that even a single pastoralist has lost 30 animals as a result of the drought, adding that the drought has also posed serious threat to human life.

The pastoralist urged the government and stakeholders to enhance their ongoing support to alleviate the aforementioned challenges.

Speaking to ENA Deputy Chief Administrator of Teltele district, Abduba Konso said shortages of rain coupled with locust invasion are the main reason for the worsening drought in the area.

According to the deputy chief administrator, more than 14,000 cattle have died in the district so far and more than 27,000 animals have also been severely affected due to the drought.

It has also been observed that pastoralist in the district are trying to save the lives of the remaining animals by preparing water storages.   

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