Participants of Timket Celebration Urge all People to Help Destitute, Enhance Unity

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Addis Ababa January 19/2022/ENA/  Participants of Timket celebration in Addis Ababa called on all people to stand together and help the destitute during the festival of Timket as the celebration preaches love, unity and fraternity among human beings.

Timket, which is registered by the UNESCO as the world intangible cultural heritage, was colorfully celebrated  throughout Ethiopia today to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist in the River Jordan.

Speaking to ENALiqe Mezemran Tibebu Mengistu said Timket preaches humanity to the people of the world to live in peace and harmony.

It is a symbol of peace, unity and integrity as Jesus Christ preached peace and harmony among human beings, he added.

Moreover, the festival brings love and unity among Ethiopians since it is celebrated with reverence, lending a hand and helping one another, he pointed out.

“Epiphany cleans us from our sin. Besides to its spiritual value, Timket is a festival of unity and togetherness among human beings,” Liqe Mezemran Tibebu added.

Church choir, Solomon Teshome said the celebration promotes love, coexistence and tolerance among humans rather than animosity between people of the world.

“It is the festival of love and peace. We are celebrating Timket with reason that the baptism of Jesus teaches us humbleness and respect of one another,” Solomon said.

The other choir Seyum Derbie on his part reiterated that Timket festival helps to enhance unity and fraternity among Ethiopians.

“Respecting one another, tolerance, coexistence among others are values we could learn from the values of Timket, noting that division, racism and animosity are against the values of the festival,” he underscored.

Sharing and caring one another is another value of Timket festivity, he noted, followers need to celebrate the festival along with peoples who are in need of help or assistance.

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