Pan-Africanism Very Powerful Tool to Liberate Africa from Neo-colonialism, Says Mountain

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December 22/2021/ENA/Pan -Africanism is a very powerful tool to liberate the people of Africa from neocolonialism, according to the journalist and historian Thomas Mountain.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Mountain said Pan-Africanism is the only means to defend  Africa from external forces, especially the US and Western countries, that come to exploit and create division among Africans.

Pan-Africanism needs to be really implemented to protect Africa from foreign power intervention, he stressed.

Mountain urged Africans to demand that their leaders stand up for Ethiopia and show solidarity with the struggle of the Ethiopian people led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to suppress the Western pressure back that leads Africa to a true freedom and independence and prosperity.

“Africans, their people and leadership have to stand behind Ethiopia and refuse the attempts of Americans and European powers to destabilize and overthrow the Ethiopian government. The African people have to demand that their leaders stand up for Ethiopia and have solidarity with the struggle of the Ethiopian people led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.”

Stressing the need for unity, the journalist and historian said not only the Ethiopian people but  also people in Kenya, Sudan, and Somalia have to stand together and oppose Western  intervention.

According to him, African brothers and sisters need to help one another in defending the intervention of foreign powers, which has been the common problem in the continent.

The “US policy has been designed on creating a crisis and then managing that crisis to exploit and plunder the resources of Africa, or Ethiopia in this case.’’

The  TPLF want to destroy Ethiopia if they can’t stay in power, Mountain stated, adding that “even the United States want  to see Ethiopia kneel down to them. If not they would rather prefer to destroy Ethiopia, like they did in Libya, Syria. If they can’t control the country, they prefer that you be destroyed. So, this is what the program of the United States is: Force Ethiopia to either kneel down or be destroyed. And this is what Ethiopia is preventing.’’

He noted that the only way that Ethiopia could have been destroyed was if TPLF had remained  in power. “You have got millions of displaced people created by the ethnic conflict due to the policy of divide and rule, instigated by the terrorist TPLF during its rule in Ethiopia for 27 years.”   

Mountain pointed out that the Ethiopian people are now starting to realize that they should not  kill one another to defend foreign intervention after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed  came to power.

“Ethiopians have got a leader that can take them out of this mess and build a bright future. So, all these displaced people have hope because the ethnic problems can be solved and Ethiopians can bring peace and prosperity.’’

Thomas C. Mountain is a journalist and historian who studied African issues with a specialty in the Horn of Africa for the last 40 years.

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