Pakistani Ambassador Says Intervention in Internal Affairs of Ethiopia against Int’l Law

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December 16,2021 (ENA) All the unnecessary interventions in the internal affairs of Ethiopia are against international law, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia noted.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Shazab Abbas said intervention from any third countries in the internal affairs of A country is against international norms.

He stated that no third or second countries should come and dictate you to do this and that or intervene in your internal affairs.

“We are not in favor of any third country intervention in the internal affairs of a country. This is also against international norms and the UN Charter … The stand point of Ethiopia is according to international standards and Pakistan full supports your actions,” the ambassador reaffirmed.

The AU, member states of the Union, friendly countries and other regions are also very much concerned about this situation in Ethiopia because they want peace and stability in Ethiopia, he noted.

Ambassador Abbas said, “I believe the current situation will definitely calm down and the situation will be normal very soon. All the unnecessary interventions in the internal affairs of Ethiopia are against international laws, unless the government and people of that country want help to resolve the problem.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that the government and people of Ethiopia are capable of overcoming  the recent challenge the country is facing.

“You are a strong nation, resilient and an ancient civilization. And you have never been colonized. You have seen so many things in your life. And such a problem, I think is not a big challenge for the government; and it will definitely overcome this very soon,” the ambassador said.   

Commenting about the advice of some countries urging their citizens to leave Addis Ababa, Ambassador Abbas said “I believe it is their responsibility to protect and ensure the safety and security of their citizens. That is not a new thing for diplomatic and foreign community living in different capitals. But this doesn’t mean that it also shows the exact situation happening on the ground.”

The ambassador further stated that the situation he witnesses personally is not of that level. “When you give advice to your nationals to leave the country that means they are endangered and their property may be looted. This is not a true picture.”  

According to him, “the situation in Addis Ababa and other parts of Ethiopia is completely normal. There is no chaos and emergency, it’s just effort of the government to ensure the safety and stability of people of Ethiopia and foreigners to living here.”

Ambassador Abbas noted that the propaganda is a part of war. It is part of the strategy to neutralize the actions and activities of the government.

“This is a matter of time only. I believe in a very short period of time this situation will become normal in Ethiopia and everything will go well as usual.”

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