Over 54,000 Metric tons of Humanitarian Aid Transported to Tigray Region in about Ten Months

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May 07, 2022 (ENA) The Disaster Risk Management Commission stated that more than 54,000 metric tons of food and non-food items have been sent to the Tigray region from July to Mid-April Ethiopian Calendar.

According to the commission, 185 airplanes and 1,485 trucks have transported the total humanitarian assistance to the region in the stated period to help some 5.2 million people.

Disaster Risk Management Commission Public Relations Director, Debebe Zewde said  83 humanitarian organizations are involved in the humanitarian activities in the region.

Accordingly, he said more than 54,000 metric tons of humanitarian assistance, of which over 45,700 metric tons of food and more than 8,400 non-food items were transported through airplanes and trucks to the region from July to Mid-April.

“Some 83 humanitarian organizations are working to support 5.2 million people in Tigray. They are transporting food and non-food as well as medicines. Facilitating Birr in cash is also our responsibility and we have been sending until now. Medicines, nutrient food and non-food items are being transported to the region,” Debebe said.

Stating that the commission is working with partners and other institutions to send aid to Tigray, Debebe added 1.5 million Birr was also sent to the region for administrative issues and program implementation.  

“The government is cooperatively working on creating suitable condition for humanitarian assistance to enter Tigray through the Aba’ala corridor,” he added.  

It is to be recalled that the World Food Programme (WFP) announced the arrival of 16 humanitarian aid trucks in Mekelle, regional capital of Tigray, this week.

WFP also said on Friday that additional 64 vehicles are on their way to Tigray regional state.

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