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Ordo Ab Chao = Order out of Chaos

June 27th2019

by Belay Zelek 

When we look at what happened in Bahir Dar and Addis Abeba on Saturday June 22ndwe have to ask ourselves some very serious and important questions, think critically & not give in to fear

1)  Is the EPRDF a government that can be trusted?

2)  How are the events being framed?

3)  Who or what groups benefits from the situation?

4)  Who or what groups will not benefit?

5)  How could such a so-called organized action take place?

6)  What are the characteristics of the group/individual that have been scape-goated?

7)  What events happened prior to the tragedy that might be clues to help answer some of the key questions?


Trust & the so-called Coup

It can be said that the EPRDF from it’s inception some 28 years ago is an organization that has time and time shown the Ethiopian people that it cannot govern the country fairly nor can it be trusted. No matter who is at the helm the system and the organization is Revolutionary Democracy where all other political group are seen as enemies. The people who are in charge of the security apparatus were the same evil people that tortured and maimed our citizens over the past 28 years. I emphasize again who is at the helm. The leader of the EPRDF is a well-trained and sophisticated spy. He was an intelligence officer and founder of INSA. INSA the organization that spies, jails, helped the conviction and disappearances of thousands of Ethiopians.  Here is a link to an article from the intercept about what the NSA did in Ethiopia, which was also during Abiy’s time in the Ethiopian Army Signals Corp and at INSA.  https://theintercept.com/2017/09/13/nsa-ethiopia-surveillance-human-rights/

I have great doubt and suspicion that an event that happened in one small part of a city in a country of 105 million can be considered a coup. Why would the government call it a coup? Calling it a coup helps frame the situation in such a way that will then allow the government forces to take draconian actions. It also helps provide cover from the international community when they start scape-goating other groups. The cover from the international community includes sympathy and support or at least looking the other way when rights are being violated in the name of so-called terror prevention. “war against terror” sound familiar to anyone….

Recent Events

The recent events in Addis Abeba especially with human rights activist and journalist Eskinder Nega have shown that the EPRDF/OPDO were not willing to entertain free speech. Time and time again they violated his rights and the rights of his civic organization Balderas. Moreover the prime minister literally declared war. The direct quote from the prime minister was “…If this so-called Balderas continues it will mean that we are in a clear war”. On the other hand Balderas was going to be welcomed in the city of Bahir Dar and ADP (Amhara Democratic Party) strong hold on Saturday June 22nd. It is not a coincidence that the concocted coup occurred the day before the Balderas event in Bahir Dar.

In addition the recent shameful and non Ethiopian press release by the OPDO (Oromo People Democratic Party)  that Addis Abeba belongs to Oromos only indicates that they will not tolerate any other people. The OPDO, which by the way is lead by the prime minister, has not said one word opposing that view specifically.



Would an experienced military leader like Brigader General Asamenew Tsige even contemplate taking over his own region by force and then coordinate an attack on the chief of staff in Addis. I find this extremely far fetched in terms of planning and logistics not to mention common sense. There would be no benefit for him to take any such action. A transcript from a phone interview the night-of the incident with Fasika Tadesse of Addis Fortune shows that he was unaware of any coup situation, that he had heard gun fire and that the information coming from the federal government about a coup was false unless the federal government was looking for an excuse to forcefully come into the region. He even indicated that they would provide a press conference in the morning. When you couple that with the killing of the chief of staff who would have been the person to give permission to the federal forces, it leads you to a plausible scenario of certain forces within the government and security services coordinating this heinous action. Knowing who the EPRDF are and who runs the security service (Demelash Gebre-Michael a close confidant to Abiy)this scenario is well within their means and capabilities.

Benefits and Why would EPRDF/OPDO do this

It was becoming very clear that the war of ideas was not going to be won by the EPRDF especially the current main ruling party (OPDO) and other ethnic based organizations who have joined forces with them. On the other hand the main rival within the 4 ruling parties is the ADP. Indications were that the ADP were not necessarily on the same page and could potentially form coalitions with other parties such as ANM (Amhara National Movement) and even perhaps potentially with other groups that promote citizen based politics as opposed to ethnic like ECNJ (Ethiopian Citizens for National Justice). The Amhara region being one of the more progressive regions, a potential coalition with other political groups would have meant that the OPDO and TPLF would have a strong rival. So the rival had to be weakened. In addition to being weakened making ADP seem like an enemy would ensure a future free from political competition.



In the days following the incident the government security forces are en-masse arresting people who they feel could ask the critical questions. What an unelected government like EPRDF wants at this time is for the citizens to look to them for all the answers. In the name of security they want the citizens to give up their rights willingly. How long will this last and what are the long term consequences are not really a matter of concern for them. The nature of the EPRDF is to crush any opponent leaving it as the Vanguard party. Those in power will stay in power by any means necessary because if came down to elections they would likely lose. They are devoid of creative ideas to help lift Ethiopia from this ethnic federal system, which they created. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


There is typically a very wicked and evil agenda behind political assassinations and events that lead to conflict. Governments lie to their people to gain support even if it means sending their own citizens to war or killing a number of key individuals. Let alone the EPRDF and opaque, shifty organization known for it’s cruel history of killings, disappearances and tortures, larger governments that see themselves as transparent like the US have lied to it’s own people time and time again. The following are not secret documents and can easily be found by searching. I present this to show those Ethiopians who have somehow put their faith perhaps blindly on one person that even in the countries and systems who are so-called beacons of freedomwhat really happens behind the curtains. These events have been proven demonstrably to be false operations also known as false flag operations. It doesn’t happen randomly or by a few people. We can point to world events in near past as examples:


1)  A few weeks ago the US claimed Iran bombed some oil tankers. Clearly to go to war with Iran.

a.   Obviously the world did not buy that for obvious reasons (see #2, #3, #4)

b.  The benefits would have been for the US military & intelligence industrial complex. Constant war mean constant money.

2)   Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that lead to the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the false connection with Alqueda.

3)  The first Gulf war where the US claimed Iraq was an expansionist nation and was going to invade Saudi Arabia. The US claimed to have satellite images of up to 250000 troops on the Saudi border

a.   This was shown to be false and was coordinated by CIA and the US government to invade Iraq.

b.  Moreover the babies being thrown out of incubators story was masterminded by a firm whose COO and president was the former chief of staff for George Bush.

4)  The Gulf of Tonkin incident that led the US to involve itself more directly in Vietnam.

a.   Once again this was proven to be false. It was coordinated by the NSA and Robert McNamara the US secretary of defense.

5)  We can even go as far back as the USS Maine incident in 1898, which was the catalyst for the Spanish American war.

a.   The New York Journal and New York World, owned respectively by William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer, gave Maineintense press coverage, employing tactics that would later be labeled “yellow journalism.” Both papers exaggerated and distorted any information they could obtain, sometimes even fabricating news when none that fitted their agenda was available.

What these incidents have in common is clearly fabricated and made up event to purposely create fear and confusion amongst citizens. In that dis-order certain powers take advantage and consolidate their stronghold on power.

The Ethiopian people as a whole typically remain calm and pray during times of crisis. The chaos that the EPRDF forces especially ruling party OPDO and it’s helpers want may not be induced so easily. I have heard one of the Prime Ministers main advisors Mr. Lencho Bati say that they will need to deconstruct and rebuild Ethiopia. I fear that what we are seeing is the execution of Ordo Ab Chao that Mr. Lencho Bati has envisioned. The cost doesn’t matter to these people because the ends- justifies the means.

Let’s not forget that the OPDO/EPRDFs motto for is “the New Ethiopia”. Perhaps in Mr. Batti’s and Mr. Ahmed’s image.

Ethiopias hand shall stretch forth and be presented unto God

The writer can be reached at belayzeleke@protonmail.com

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