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January 28, 2021
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OPDO is slowly withdrawing from the EPRDF coalition – Belay Manaye

It seems that OPDO is slowly withdrawing from the EPRDF coalition, at least from the very brutal nature of the coalition. Oromia police was toleranant of youth protests at the Irreecha celebration both at Bishoftu and Burayu towns where the celebration took place.
OPDO is/was one of the members of the EPRDF coalition that served as rubber stamping for TPLF’s agenda. However, recent developments show us that OPDO seems to be withdrawing.

It has taken some positive measures in Oromia region. Region’s president Lemma Megerssa released some 33,000 prisoners on pardon in the region. He also once noted that he would try his best with the federal government to release prominent Oromo opposition figures such as Merera Gudina (PhD) and Bekele Gerba, among others who are languishing at federal prison cells.

OPDO has also taken back lands that were given to investors but has not yet developed by them in the Oromia. It has given these lands to the youths. Lemma Megerssa, Abiy Ahmed and Addisu Arega combination becomes fruitful. I think they are gaining acceptance because of their measures mentioned above, among others. 

Even the Oromo activists both here at home and abroad seem comfortable with the ‘new’ leadership in the region. Activists are now advocating for the resignation of other Oromo authorities in the federal government. Activists would argue that the presence of the Oromo politicians in the federal government in the name of the Oromo people in particular and Ethiopians in general is not acceptable as the government is suppressing its own people. 

Abadula Gemeda’s resignation tender from Speakership could be a good start to the activists who have been advocating to this end. The recent political development in the EPRDF would tell us further about resignation, defection and withdrawal, and the impacts of such developments.

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