No More Campaign Voices to Unspoken Feeling of All Africans

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Addis Ababa, December 30, 2021 (Walta) – The ‘’No more’’ campaign that has been launched by Ethiopians is becoming the voice to every African that has been untold for years, said Kenyan Pan Africanist Lawyer, Lavani Mila.

Kenyan Pan Africanist Lawyer told ENA that he is extremely excited because he has observed large numbers of Africans who have come out and said: “#Nomore foreign interventions in Ethiopia.’’

‘’We have come out with a united voice to say no to foreign meddling in Ethiopia,’’ he added.

He further elaborated that Ethiopia is a beautiful, peace-loving nation that exists for thousands of years; it has been in existence for more than the Americans have been in existence. This nation has its own civilization with its own mode of operation and is the symbol of African independence as well.

As Ethiopia has never been colonized, it touches on every aspect of African life, the Pan-Africanist Lawyer lauded, adding ” if we want to see a prosperous Africa, then we need to work to see Ethiopia is prospering.”

“The western, especially Americans are trying to peddle warmongering messages in trying to cause mass panic and the hysteria so that they could use it as a pretext in Ethiopia. The majority of people, both within Africa and outside Africa stood up, they said no to this, and this is exciting, this is the spirit that you need to follow through,” he stressed.

He went on to say: ‘’The ‘no more’ movement may have started in Ethiopia, the campaign may have been triggered from Ethiopia, but it is speaking to the unspoken feeling of every African child, to the spoken feeling of every African all over the world.’’

“The movement is speaking to each and everyone, that’s why it is very easy to mobilize, to pull together resources because it resonates with us, our sovereignty is not to be compromised,” he added:

According to him, the position of African leaders should be respected as African solutions to African problems are preferable to bring long-lasting peace across the continent.

The western nations for the longest time have been telling us about how good their democracies are, they have been peddling stories about their excellent systems, he pointed out, however, he recalled imperfections of the American election in 2020.

Hence, their democracy has also been questioned that democracy is not perfect, he added.

Even if our part isn’t perfect too but if they want to tell us what we are supposed to do, the best thing they are supposed to do is to work in tandem with our leaders, not to undermine our leaders, not to undermine our people, because if you do that, then Africans have to give a very unequivocal message that in no uncertain times.

Referring to the persistent interventions the west on Africa, Mila underscored that we Africans, are one people, whether you are Ethiopian, whether you’re in Diaspora, whichever part of the world you live in.‘ ’We are saying no more to foreign meddling, we are perfectly capable of handling our problems, and there shouldn’t be interference from outside, especially from the Americans, because we have seen how their assistance in other countries have worked; clearly, their record is not good, it is scary, war and chaos.’’

Therefore, he stressed ‘’we need not allow foreigners to come to our nations and tell us who we should elect or who we should support, or how we should govern ourselves because we are perfectly capable of deciding that because we have lived in Africa for centuries. Africa is our home and lets us protect it.’’

He finally urged every African everywhere to protect our continent from external meddling and interference.

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