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No Alien Hands on Lalibella! Stop Destroying Our Culture and Pride!

By Belayneh Abate

When I was around seven, I found twenty five and ten cents coins outside our compound while I was playing. As soon as I found the coins, I ran to our home to give the coins to my mother. My mother shouted “no! no!” and retreated about 6 feet away from me stretching her hands towards the roof to avoid touching the coins in my palms. Frowning in disgust, she ordered me to throw the coins where I found them and wash my hands with soap three times.

After I washed my hands three times, she sat with me as dear teacher and taught me that it was unholy, immoral and wrong to bring others’ money to home. She further said, unless someone is completely blind and has no hands and legs, he shall not take others’ money in any form. This was the culture we had as society until Ethiopia fell in the hands of immoral beggar rulers.

It is embarrassing to see many Ethiopians getting excited because the French President promised to donate money for the maintenance of Lalibella Monasteries after he was begged by preacher Abiy. As moral philosophy teaches, once you beg and receive baloney from anyone, you establish beggar-donor relationship and you sell your independence.

As history teaches, once you establish beggar-donor relationship and sell your independence for money to westerners, you are volunteer slave since no free lunch in the western world. Becoming volunteer slave is not new for the beggar preacher, but we shall not allow him to make us volunteer slaves through Lalibella.

The income Lalibella has been generating could have built thousands of Monasteries, and schools of philosophy and theology throughout the country. Unfortunately, the this income has been stolen by the greed, thief and robber rulers and their immoral appointee “bishops” and “patriarchies” for the last 27 years. The thief and robber rulers are living luxurious lives in the country and they are investing in bulk in Western banks.

The current beggar-in-Chief is not willing to hold these thieves and robbers accountable because they are still his de-facto masters. Instead, he continues begging the western leaders for money like his late instructor and master Legesse Zenawi. The money these robbers amassed could have re-built the whole country let alone maintain the monasteries of Lalibella.

Lalibella was built by the wise and civilized forefathers while most of the world was asleep in darkness in the 12th century. Lalibella was crafted by golden hands and blessed by holy fathers. It is a shame of unparalleled magnitude for this generation to beg money to maintain Lalibella. It is an absolute betrayal of our forefathers if we fail to maintain Lalibella ourselves in the 21th century. It is a curse for this generation to place foreigners’ marks on these unique and blessed Monasteries of Lalibella.

I strongly protest against leaving foreigners’ marks on the monasteries of Lalibella. The beggar-in-chief, please stop begging throughout the world in the name of the country your masters robbed. As my mother used to say, do not beg unless you believe you are totally blind, and you have no hands and legs. Beggar preacher, are you totally blind and limbless? If you are not totally blind and limbless, please listen to our voices! Stop begging! Stop destroying our culture and pride! No Alien Hands on Lalibella! Thank you.

November 3rd, 2018

The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com

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