News: Oromia Prosperity Party calls on Oromo youth, the Oromo people to do their part to “bury the junta”

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Fekadu Tesema. Picture: FanaBC

Addis Abeba, November 01/2021 – Fekadu Tesema, head of the Oromia Prosperity Party office, called on all Oromo youth and the Oromo people to do their part to “bury the junta”, party affiliated FanaBC reported.

Fekadu made the statement today, and accused the “junta” of working including by using its agents to cast a dark shadow on the change brought by the precious sacrifices of the Oromo youth together with other Ethiopians.

Therefore, to bury “the junta”, which is on its deathbed, Oromo youths, along with other people in the region, are urged to guard their environment, Fekadu was quoted as saying.

He also said that clearing internal traitors and supporting the security forces with information, among others, is expected from all those who brought about the change and saved Ethiopia from collapse.

Fekadu further called on the Oromo youth and the entire Oromo people to continue supporting the National Defense Forces and for the Oromo youth to join the national army.

Because the group has confirmed that it is the enemy of Ethiopians, it was important to wage a bitter struggle against it, the news portal reported attributing Fekadu, adding that he also asked the Oromo people to do what is expected of them. AS

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