News: Gonder city security command post imposes restrictions on firearms, movement

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Picture taken from the protest in Gonder on Sunday/Social Media

The Security Command Post office of the city of Gonder in Amhara regional state announced a list of movement restrictions.

The announcement came just a day after the city saw massive protests against the federal government’s plans to abolish regional special forces in favor of reintegrating them into the army or the police structures.

The city’s command post imposed 12 different restrictions including ban on bars and and night clubs which prohibited from serving customers after 9: 00 PM local time.
It also prohibited three-wheel badgers that provide transportation services in the city from 2:00 PM to 6:00 AM local time.

Other restrictions include carrying firearms outside of authorized government security forces, including silent instruments with sharp edges such as knives and spears.

Obstructing the law enforcement mission of security forces by covering up for suspects, conceal, give false information is another prohibition announced by the command office.

The federal government has announced on April 7 that it has started taking “practical activities” to dissolve the controversial regional state special forces following a decision that put “direction to build a strong centralized army that can protect the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” AS

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