News: Associated Press journalists released on bail after 3 months long detention

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By Mahlet Fasil @MahletFasil

Addis Abeba – The Federal Court of First Instance released the two Associated Press journalists, Amir Aman and CameramanThomas Engida, on 60,000 ETB each. 

At today’s hearing, the police asked the court for an additional 14 days to complete their investigation. The defense team however complained that the police keeps asking for more days to remand and investigate their clients inorder to prolong their detention. 

They asked the court to decline the police’s request for additional days and to release their clients on bail.

After hearing both sides the judges decided to release the detainees on bail explaining that the the police failed to complete it’s investigation on time. 

At the last hearing on March 4, the court granted the police more days and ordered the police to present investigation results. The police said that sent electronic devices taken from the journalists to the National Intelligence and Security Agency for investigation. 

Amir and Thomas were arrested in December last year, for allegedly promoting the Oromo Liberation Army, (OLA) on an international level.  AS

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