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New Military Base for TPLF, “Dedebit Two” ??? | ZeHabesha

Major Dawit Woldegiorgis on German Amharic panel discussion today claims that Egypt and Sudan are opening a military base in Afar for TPLF.

From a map, Sudan has no boundary with the Afar region of Eritrea and Ethiopia even if Sudan shares border with Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Dawit’s claim is the first  we heard of any attempt of regrouping TPLF fighters for a safe location within Ethiopia or any Afar land.

The geography of arid Afar can only be reached through Eritrea and Ethiopia and any attempt to supply arms, medicine and food is very unrealistic.

Dedebit which was the base of TPLF is located North West near Tekeze and logistics from Sudan was conducted at ease. Afar is North East.

Dawit’s “Dedebit 2” must be a TPLF propaganda Dawit bought and try to sale it underestimating our knowledge of the area.

A man who accused  Ethiopian leaders of not taking advice from regional experts like him should be challenged on the seriousness of the claim he made about the new base for TPLF.

Unfortunately the moderator gave him a pass and Ambassador Dina Mufti did not say anything.

Where is the new base of TPLF in Afar land created by Egypt and Sudan ?? It must be a base on German Amharic Radio even Tegaru has not announced the formation of such base

Tedla Asfaw

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