New flight Via Togo Lome to Washington DC Will Strengthen Regional Ties: Ethiopian CEO

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June 1/2022 /ENA/ The new flight operation of Ethiopia Airlines from Addis Ababa to Togo Lome and Washington DC will further strengthen regional ties between Africa and North America, Ethiopian Airlines CEO said.

Ethiopian Airlines announced today the launch of flights from Addis Ababa via Togo Lome to Washington DC three times a week.

On the occasion, Ethiopian Airlines CEO Mesfin Tasew said the flight has tremendous importance in strengthening regional ties and cooperation.

It would further strengthen the regional ties particularly through linking West African countries with the United States of America.

The airline has also a plan to have flight every day on the new route, Mesfin said, adding that it is important to strengthen investment flow, tourism and diplomatic relations.

The flight will create a conducive environment for African-American Diaspora to participate in the development of their country, the CEO pointed out, noting that it also shortens long-distance flights from the United States to West Africa.

The airline is working to create more new destinations in the future, it was learned.

Meanwhile, on July 2, 2022 the Ethiopian Airlines will commence twice-weekly flight operations to Chennai, India — which will join the vast Ethiopian network as the fourth destination in India after New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, India.

Ethiopian started its service to India with a debut flight to New Delhi in 1966 — just 20 years after the airline was founded. Ethiopian pioneered the air transport linkage between Africa and India.

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