Nat’l Security Advisor Briefs WFP Executive Director on Developments in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa June 23/2022/ENA/ The National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, Redwan Hussein, held discussion today with World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director David Beasley in Rome, Italy.

During the occasion, the Security Advisor briefed the Executive Director about the current developments in Ethiopia, including the humanitarian situation.

Explaining about the claims of the TPLF on fuel shortages, Redwan said 3 fuel tankers carrying 137, 913 liters arrived in Tigray region just last week.

He noted that this is enough for the humanitarian supply operation.

Redwan stressed that the Government of Ethiopia has been committed to accelerating the supply of humanitarian support, including fuel and cash, to the Tigray region.

It is agreed that the amount of fuel supply to the region is subject to the amount of food and non-food supplies to be distributed in the region.

Accordingly,  the WFP had submitted a proposal to bring 2 million liters of fuel into the region monthly and the government allowed USAID to import 2 million liters of fuel, which is 100% utilized for secondary transport in the Tigray region.

As long as all requirements are evidence-based, the federal government is ready to increase the amount of cash and fuel, Redwan stated.

He also highlighted the continued act of the TPLF in obstructing the humanitarian supply to the people of the Tigray Region, mentioning the denial of humanitarian air cargo in Mekelle Airport since yesterday.

Recalling his recent visit to Ethiopia, WFP Executive Director Beasley mentioned the significant improvements in humanitarian supply to the region.

He underscored that WFP is working diligently to boost humanitarian support to those affected by conflicts and drought in Ethiopia.

The two officials finally agreed to work closely on ways of keeping the momentum of fuel supply in the region and humanitarian assistance in Ethiopia, especially to those victims of conflicts and droughts across all regions of Ethiopia.

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