Nat’l Dialogue Commission Going in Right Direction, Says German Ambassador

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June 1/2022 /ENA/ The National Dialogue Commission is going in the right direction to conduct a dialogue that creates national consensus, Germany’s Ambassador Stephan Auer said.

“I think (inclusiveness) is something which the government, in particular the National Dialogue Commission, is working on; and I hope they are going in the right direction that could lead them to a national consensus in this country,” he noted.

The ambassador believes that the national dialogue will resolve fundamental root causes of tensions and create national consensus in Ethiopia if it is inclusive to address fundamental challenges in the country.   

“In general, national dialogues are extremely important to fundamental national consensus, if they address all the fundamental questions which are the root of the tensions in the country; and another fundamental prerequisite for this national dialogue to succeed is that it has to be all inclusive.”

Ambassador Auer stated that Germany, as an experienced federal country, could provide support for the internal process of national dialogue upon request.

Furthermore, he pointed out that Germany and Ethiopia have excellent bilateral relations, with Ethiopia being a strategic partner, and a major partner in development assistance and cooperation.

The stability and prosperity of Ethiopia is therefore vital for Germany, according to the ambassador.

“We have excellent bilateral relations with Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a strategic partner for us. For us stability and prosperity in Ethiopia is fundamental, and Ethiopia is one of our major partners in our development assistance and cooperation.”

Ambassador Auer stressed that Germany wants Ethiopia to overcome its challenges and is heavily investing in Ethiopia in different areas and forms.

“We want Ethiopia to succeed and we are heavily investing in different areas of cooperation,” he said.

The countries are working on different areas, mainly education and agriculture sectors, it was also learned.  

Moreover, Germany has been one of the largest importers of coffee from Ethiopia in recent years.

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