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Nat’l Defense, Federal Security Forces Capture 18 Senior Officers Fighting with TPLF Junta

Addis Ababa January 27/2021 (ENA) The national defense and federal security forces have apprehended 18 senior officers who had been fighting and commanding junta forces in Tigray Region.

National Defense Force Indoctrination Director-General, Major General Mohammed Tessema told ENA that the junta officers engaged along Mekelle to Kola Temben front were captured by a joint operation of the national defense force and federal security agencies.

Detailing the ranks of the officers, he said nine are colonels, seven lieutenant colonels, and two police commanders.

Major General Mohammed noted stated that the hunt for criminals has been intensified.

He further renewed the government’s call for the forces hiding and  those who knowingly or unknowingly fight alongside the junta destructive force to surrender.

According to the director-general, the people have continued supporting the security forces.

It is to be recalled that two high-ranking officers of the TPLF junta, Major General Mohammed Esha and four other senior officers have recently surrendered to the national defense force.

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