Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day Great Opportunity to Represent Whole of Ethiopia: Diplomats

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Addis Ababa (ENA) December 8/2022 The Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day is an important opportunity to represent all Ethiopian nations and nationalities, diplomats attending the event at Hawassa city told ENA.

The 17th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day was celebrated colorfully in the presence of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and other senior government officials.

Representatives of all nations, nationalities and peoples gathered in the Hawassa Stadium where they displayed their tradition, costumes and dances.

Among those who attended the celebration, Cuba’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Jorge F. Lefebre Nicolas said that the day represents what Ethiopia is.

“It is very surprising to see the people celebrating the event as one. I enjoy to see all the nations, nationalities and peoples together as one. This is what Ethiopia is today.”

According to the ambassador, there is a fantastic feeling among the people. “It is amazing and I have shared the same joy to see all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia together.”

Ethiopia is a country with diversity, he said, adding that every nation and nationality have their own culture and together they are one.

“I think this is a very good representation to what the whole of Ethiopia is. I think it is amazing for the whole world.”

The ambassador stated that Ethiopia has different cultures, religions, nations and nationalities. But they also share common values at the same time and defend their own values.

The dream is that you can build the whole of Ethiopia together, and all nations, nationalities and peoples join efforts to build Ethiopia, Ambassador Nicolas noted.

Deputy Chief of Mission of Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa, Shen Qinmin said on his part the event is a symbol of unity and solidarity for all Ethiopian nations, nationalities, and peoples.

“I love this event. This is a symbol of the unity and solidarity for whole Ethiopian nations, nationalities, and peoples. It is a wonderful event.”

Noting that Ethiopia and China have ancient civilizations, he added that “we need to come together and share economic development for all the nations, nationalities and peoples. I like the message of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. It is a great message for national unity.”

He reiterated that the Chinese people always support the people of Ethiopia as one great nation.

U.S Embassy Public Affairs Counselor, Ruth Anne Stevens-Klitz expressed her happiness for  attending the event.

“This is an amazing celebration. This is such a colorful and dynamic presentation of all the rich cultures that make up Ethiopia. It is amazing to see all the representation here, and it is truly a privilege for me to be able to be here today,” she said.

“I think that many people overseas do not know how diverse Ethiopia is,” the counselor noted, adding that ”this is a wonderful opportunity to showcase all of the different cultures, the  musical, traditional costumes and dance, all the different traditions that comprise Ethiopia.”

According to Stevens-Klitz, this must be a very proud occasion for the people in Ethiopia to see all of the richness that their culture has.

“Diversity is an important asset, but it is also important for us to understand how diversity comes together to support unity. It is wonderful to see so many people here supporting that idea and out here supporting one another as fellow Ethiopians.”

The Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day is celebrated annually in Ethiopia.

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