Nation to Continue with Unwavering Position of Pan-Africanism: Foreign Affairs State Minister

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October 15/2022/ENA / Ethiopia will continue with its unwavering position of working with the spirit of Pan-Africanism and support the continent towards realizing its ambitions, Foreign Affairs State Minister Tesfaye Yilma said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the state minister stated that Ethiopia has played decisive role in the struggle of Africans countries for freedom against colonial powers.

“Ethiopia’s commitment for Africa and Pan-Africanism never changes with the change of government,” he underscored.

Following the recent change in Ethiopia, Tesfaye noted that PM Abiy Ahmed is also taking pan-Africanism as key policy principle which is continuing the unwavering position and support of the country towards Africa.

“As the issue of Africa is the issue of Ethiopia and vise-versa. Africa’s problem is Ethiopia’s problem and there is no separation in between.”

During the breakout of COVID-19, Ethiopia has played a historic role in collaboration with Chinese investor in reaching all 54 African nations and delivering various timely medical equipment to the respective countries in times of difficulty, the state minister added.

According to him, Emperor Haile Selassie has supported fellow African countries in the struggle for freedom against colonial powers, and so did the other Ethiopian leaders who played significant role in Africa’s diplomacy and other programs of the continent.

The current support for Ethiopia from fellow Africans simply emanated from the consideration of Ethiopia’s firm position for the continent and its unwavering support regardless of all the challenges, the state minster explained.

While the Security Council has been trying to pressurize and aggravating the internal issues in Ethiopia, the A3 members of the UNSC have stood firm in support of Ethiopia.

Praising all Africans throughout the continent for the strong stand in solidarity with Ethiopia in time of difficulty, Tesfaye underlined that such togetherness will continue in the years to come.

The state minister stressed that Ethiopia and Africa are inseparable and the current reformist government will continue the principle of working together in the spirit of Pan-Africanism.   

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