Nation Registering Military Victories in all Fronts

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Addis Ababa, November 11, 2021 (Walta) – State of Emergency Command has disclosed that the Nation has been registering military victories on all fronts.

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State of Emergency Command on Wednesday reviewed the situation in the country since its enactment and the implementation of the State of Emergency Proclamation.

Accordingly, in the campaign for national sovereignty, the people of Amhara, Afar, and Oromia regions have accepted the national call made by the government and have already been engaging in the fight against the terrorists on all fronts, while others are on the move to join.

The destructive group has carried out at least 20 offensive attacks in the past nine days at the Bati-Asayita Front, it said adding that the joint forces of the Afar Special Forces and the militia, in collaboration with the Ethiopian National Defense Force and with the help of the Ethiopian Air Force, have been inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy by defeating the invader. Their dream to capture Mille has also failed.

Members of the National Defense Force, Semen Showa Zone, and Oromo origin militias at Kemisse front Amhara Region have been able to reverse the enemy invasion and turned their forces into offensive attacks.

It also said that following the terrorist group’s new offensive on the Bissober area on the Tigray-Afar border, the Afar militia and Special Forces ruined the enemy’s backbone and embarrassed the enemy on the front.

On other hand, the enemy forces, which we’re trying to expand into Wara Ilu, were defeated by the South Wollo militia and the heroic national defense forces.

The Junta’s forces who had attempted to move to Akesta were forced back by Hawi, West Gojjam, East Gojjam, and South Wollo militias of the Amhara region.

The command also indicated that the repeated attempts of attacks made by the invading forces at the Maitsebry front have also been completely futile.

In the Oromia region, North Shoa, West Shoa, Horogdudu, and East Welega districts, the regional Special Forces and militia, the federal police, and the national defense coalition have registered major victories in destroying and arresting Shene terrorist group that was working to fulfill the mission of TPLF and killing civilians and looting and destroying property.

The encouraging responses being made by the general public to the national call have been contributing a lot to the victories so far registered, it added.

The command expressed its gratitude to the people and called on them to continue their strong engagement to defend the sovereignty of the country.

The ongoing coordinated operation of the security forces over the past few days, as part of the state of emergency, has so far been registering remarkable achievements in ensuring the peace and stability of the country, the Command stated.

Several measures have been taken on illegal attempts including money laundering, and the seizure of illegal weapons, it indicated.

According to ENA, the National Bank of Ethiopia, in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, has been instructed to take strict action against banks operating outside of previous laws and regulations.

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