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February 25, 2021
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Nation Facing Rampant Distribution of Low Quality Animal Drugs, Feeds

Addis Ababa, January 25/2021(ENA)House of Peoples’ Representative urged the Veterinary Drugs and Animal Feed Administration and Control Authority to strengthen the standard quality control of veterinary drugs and animal feeds in the country. 

Agriculture, Pastoralist and Environmental Conservation Affairs Standing Committee of the house made the remark today at a session held to review Authority’s six month performance report.

Authority Director-General, Terzu Daya stated in his report that the authority has done encouraging laboratory testing and inspection to ensure drug and feed quality and got rampant distribution of low quality drugs and feeds.

Based on a laboratory test on 36 sample veterinary drugs in the market, for instance, 10 drugs failed to fulfill the national quality standard of the country, he pointed out, adding that 22 out of 24 imported animal drugs are found to be qualified, he said.

Ethiopia has 30 registered feed standards by the national accreditation office and there are 25 companies manufacturing feeds, he added.  

The authority has issued certificate of competence for 21 entities to import feed inputs, but less than 4 were able to succeed due to shortages of  foreign currency.  

Agriculture, Pastoralist and Environmental Conservation Affairs Standing Committee Chairperson, Negalegn Yosef on his part said the authority has to take legal actions on companies that supply low quality and illegal drugs and feeds.  

The chairperson underscored the need to ensure standard quality by creating nexus with national quality assurance institutions, including Ethiopian National Accreditation Office and Ethiopian Standard Agency to get worldwide recognition of products and services in the sector.

He has also commended the authority for its encouraging activities on awareness creation, capacity building, laboratory testing and inspection, and revenue collection during the report period.

By establishing regulatory system for manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, experts and institutions involved in the sector, the authority with six branch offices aims to be an internationally accepted entity by regulating quality standards of veterinary drugs, animal feeds and products before consumption.  

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