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Moving Forward or Back-slide ?

December 31, 2018

Tegenaw Goshu

As any genuinely concerned ordinary Ethiopian, I try to go through any written or verbal political ideas and views brought forward by individuals and groups, and of course by politicians and leaders of the ruling front and government.

I do sincerely, not surprisingly try to make sense out of some political behaviors and actions which intentionally or otherwise are terribly messy or ugly as far as the very critical political juncture of our country is concerned.  I do feel very sad, not hopeless when I come across political attitudes and behaviors that aimed at those compatriots who with all their weakness (sometimes making big mistakes) have done their best and keep doing so instead of targeting the very messy or extremely treacherous political behavior and action of EPRDF and those of its members who are trying to stifle peoples’ fight for freedom and justice.

I am not saying those politicians of opposition politics do not deserve criticism and also challenging ideas and views. What I am saying is not to do it in a rational and constructive manner is not just stupid way of doing politics but also very counter-productive to the efforts being made in order to make our dream of truly democratic Ethiopia a reality.

I carefully, not surprisingly read an article (comment) by Getachew Shiferaw on Satenaw Web Site, Amharic page. I sincerely respect his right to express his ideas and views the way he perceives and understands the politics of our country.

I equally believe that I have to express my ideas and views on his article the way I perceived and understood it. I  want to leave the question of how our exchanges of ideas and views make sense to not only rationally critical readers but also to all fellow Ethiopians who are genuinely and seriously concerned about the way we deal with politics at this very critical movement  .

Here is my case in point which is aimed at the very undesirable political attitudes and behaviors in our country, not at the very personal character and behavior of Getachew or any other compatriot for that matter.

It is not clear why this kind of dirty and stupid campaign is being launched by some Ethiopians such as the writer of this highly conspiratorial article. I am neither a member nor an uncritical supporter of this or that party or group. I am with the side of any party or group that make necessary efforts for the prevalence of truly democratic Ethiopia that should be a home of peace and prosperity to all of her citizens.

Though Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 can have its own weaknesses and difficulties as any political movement that operates in still back ward and extremely difficult political culture of ours, it is one of the political entities which are trying their best as far as our aspirations and efforts to make a difference is concerned.

It is not really clear why some compatriots consistently try to blackmail and undermine the efforts being made by members of the movement.

I understand those guys who named their “political parties” after this or that ethnic group are so allergic to the political movements which make their agendas, principles, and practices in line with the politics of citizenship within a democratic Ethiopia.

To my understanding, those badly parochial (yemender) groupings are driven by a bunch of people or individuals who have stupidly chosen a political game that may enable them to become big but ugly fishes in a small pool  ( big but foolish kings/queens in their own villages or so called kilil).

They know very well that this kind of ugly political game is much more sensational or emotional and very easily manipulative to their very voracious and idiotic ambition and satisfaction.

They are very crazy about being parts of an election that is not well-thought, well-designed, well-stabilized, well-coordinated, well- organized, and well- operated, free and fair in a real sense of creating a democratic Ethiopia.  This is because they know very well that it is through this kind chaotic and highly vulnerable to emotional appeal political environment that they could be able to win some seats  (“thrones of their majesties”)  right from the very bottom (kebele) to the very  top ( the three branches of government) and “enjoy” their wildly voracious and stupidly aspired political ambitions.

Two or three days ago I watched a round – table discussion at which Ato Andargachew was one of the participants. I sadly, not surprisingly listened to a guy who represented the so-called Amhara National Movement reaffirming that his movement is ready to take part in an election that he expects to take place without considering any delay or extension. Imagine, this guys of parochial (yemender) politics either do not know the very toxic and extremely difficult political situation of their own country, or their movement which is a collection of a bunch of either infantile or disingenuous politicians does not care about anything else but help them play the politics of parochialism and ethnic DNA and become big but sick fishes in a small pool or big but badly foolish kings/queens in their own villages.

Look at very carefully the very “advice” of Getachew. His ‘great advice ‘ is get Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 split or break up into  functions ,  nullify or ignore the attempt to bring  a couple of political entities together (AG7, Semayawi, and …) and join the parochial or ethno-centric  political entities which continue mushrooming ( breading and multiplying) but ending up being good for nothing   .

Is this really an advice from an honest and truly concerned political personality? I hate to say but I have to say that it is not at all!    An honest and truly concerned political personality never suggests let alone advises the politics of break up and join a much worse politics of parochialism and horribly ethno-centrism.

It is ridiculously a stupid political mentality to launch a very nonsensical but damaging political campaign against those Ethiopians who have been trying to do the best they could for years and still are trying to do so as far as the efforts to bring about a truly democratic system is concerned.

How this type of political stupidity if not idiocy can be explained otherwise? To my understanding, there is no any other rational and plausible explanation to this kind of very infantile and badly thought political mentality and behavior.

How this kind of political mentality and behavior can make sense at this very critical political juncture in our country?

How can we afford to launch this kind of terribly undesirable and terribly disturbing  political campaign against those Ethiopians who with all their weaknesses  are trying to do something helpful to the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice whereas we try to rationally   deal with the political behavior and action of EPRDF as a system?  It absolutely does not make sense!

It is quite right and valuable to extend strong and straight –forward criticism or any idea that helps us move forward by taking timely and effective efforts of making what went wrong right and make progress accordingly.

But engaging in a very irrational, emotional, disingenuous, unproductive and destructive political bevaoiur and mentality is absolutely not only ugly but terribly damaging.  Yes, it is damaging not only to the political party or group we may try to make our target but to the very effort being made in order to make the dream for the prevalence of true democratic system a reality in our country.

Is it not great to behave and act in such a way that We All Together (as Citizens) should make a truly concerted effort of making our country truly democratic, peaceful and prosperous instead of  sliding back to the very horrible quagmire we have gone through a quarter of a century?  I absolutely argue and believe we should!  And I am optimistic we would be willing and able to do so!!!



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