Most Conflicts in Ethiopia Fueled by Forces that Wish to Hamper Water Dev’t in Ethiopia: Minister

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July 06, 2022 (ENA) Water and Energy Minister, Habtamu Itefa said that most of the conflicts in Ethiopia have been fueled by those who do not want Ethiopia to utilize its water resources.

an exclusive interview with ENA, the minster stated that “most of the
conflicts in our country have been fueled directly or indirectly by
those who do not want us to utilize our water resources.”  

According to him, the downstream countries (Egypt and Sudan) are not enemies of Ethiopia.

are in fact brothers and sisters. But those people who may not
represent all citizens of the downstream countries believe that Ethiopia
will influence them if it develops its water resources, which is not

minister said the trends in June during the last four years have
particularly been difficult for Ethiopia as conflicts are fueled by dark

is the first month of the rainy season in Ethiopia when the country
starts filling dams, including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.  

has been experiencing the worst trends of conflict fueled by foreign
forces and domestic anti-peace forces in this month.

It is believed that all disruptions have been orchestrated to disrupt the filling of the dam.

us, June to September is the time we always plan to fill our dam. We
fill all dams in Ethiopia every rainy season. So some people think that
we are going to retain their share. They mistakenly think that starting
from June all development works in Ethiopia will harm them. This  is not
the fact.”

Habtamu stressed that Ethiopia always uses the Nile water resource for common benefits and to promote cooperation.

He urged the downstream countries to understand the genuine demand of Ethiopia.  

we are using our water, we always think about our brothers the Sudanese
and Egyptians. We need the common prosperity and wellbeing of our
people. That is what we are always amplifying. Let us discuss, work
together, and negotiate.”

asked about the third-round filling of the Grand Renaissance Dam this
rainy season, the minister responded that Ethiopia will continue filling
dams, including the third-round of GERD to ensure the wellbeing of the

aim of our water development is to ensure the wellbeing of our people,
not to harm neighbors. Therfore, we will continue filling our dams,
including the GERD, by taking into consideration the benefits of our
Sudanese, Egyptians and other brothers as well.”

minister added  that Ethiopia is  enormously  investing in a climate
resilient economy under the campaign of Green Legacy initiative to
 maximize the water source.

downstream countries should therfore understand Ethiopia’s ongoing
effort to contribute a big share to water development and support the
country’s initiative.

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