More than 8.3 Million in Conflict-Affected Areas Receive Humanitarian Aid

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Addis Ababa (ENA) December 20/2022  More than 8.35 million citizens in conflict-affected areas in northern Ethiopia have received full-fledged first round humanitarian support following the peace agreement signed between the government of Ethiopia and TPLF, according to the Disaster Risk Management Commission.

A consultation was held yesterday with humanitarian aid organizations to evaluate the execution of humanitarian activities underway in the northern part of the country and discuss issues that require special attention in the coming months.

During the consultation, Disaster Risk Management Commissioner Shiferaw Teklemariam said some 8,358,196 citizens affected by the conflict have received full-fledged first round humanitarian support in Amhara, Afar and Tigray regions.  

The commissioner extended appreciation to the efforts being carried out in this regard.   

Common understanding was reached to strengthen humanitarian aid by comprehensively reaching all communities as well as enhancing the provision of medicine and nutritious foods.  

According to Government Communication Service (GCS), the humanitarian aid delivery and reconstruction activities in Tigray region have also gained momentum, following the Pretoria peace agreement.

Humanitarian aid has been delivered via Afar-Abala, Gondar-Maitsebri-Shire, and Kombolcha-Kobo-Alamata corridors via road transport.

GCS noted that unfettered humanitarian aid has been delivered in all corridors.  

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