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March 2, 2021
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More than 1300 hectares of land in Addis Ababa are illegally held – Addis Ababa City Government (video) – Mereja.com

The Addis Ababa City Government Tuesday said more than 1300 hectares of the land in Addis Ababa have been held illegally by land grabbers.

Unveiling a report, Deputy Mayor of the City Adanech Abeibei said the practice of land grabbing in Addis Ababa has been rampant including during the most recent administration under the leadership of deputy mayor Takele Uma.

According to the deputy mayor, the city government has identified 322 buildings across the city that do not have ownership titles.

She said 21, 695 condominium houses, constituting more than 75 percent of the total condominium houses built in the capital since 2005, also have been held illegally. The deputy mayor said owners of 15, 891 condominium houses in the city are not known. Video:

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