Ministry Vows to Capacitate Institutions of Higher Leaning

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Addis Ababa October 28/2021 (ENA) Education Minister Professor Berhanu Nega said his ministry will build the capacity of public universities to make them qualified and autonomous institutions of higher learning.

The minister held discussion today with presidents and vice presidents of public universities. about capacitating the universities .

During the occasion, Professor Berhanu said creating autonomous institutions of higher learning would help produce internationally competent citizens and promote democratic thinking in the country.

In order to achieve the goal of creating autonomous universities, the role of the management bodies of the universities are crucial, he noted.

The fundamental challenges of the universities in infrastructure, lack of quality education and accountability, absence of smooth teaching and learning process as well as other structural and bureaucratic issues need to be addressed step by step to upgrade the universities, the minister stated.

Professor Berhanu noted that creating autonomous universities needs hard work and collaboration with the ministry, and the managements of university bodies need to make constructive engagements with lecturers as well as students.

Education State Minister, Fanta Mandefro on his part stressed that the universities need to look like the nation as they are federal institutions than regional or local universities.

According to him, the managements of the universities should build public trust through creating  enabling environments to improve the overall development of their universities.

He stated that autonomy is not given rather earned through work.

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