Ministry to Organize Cultural Exhibitions, Entertainments as Part of Great Homecoming Initiative –

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Addis Abab, January 18, 2022 (Walta) – Ministry of Culture and Sport announced that it is working to organize cultural exhibitions and entertainment events as part of the Great Homecoming Initiative.

Some 5 million cups of coffee are expected to be drunk in a single day for free across the nation as part of the events.

The events are being organized in collaboration with East Africa Entertainment and the Ethiopian Business Women Association.

The objectives of the events are to entertain the diaspora community and friends of Ethiopia as well as to promote the culture of the country.

Briefing journalists, the Public and International Relations Director at the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Alemayehu Getachew said the events will be conducted from January 28 to 30, 2022.

Cultural exhibitions, traditional sports, musical concerts, and Ethiopian coffee ceremonies are some of the major events.

East Africa Entertainment and Event Organizer CEO, Moti Moreda said the symposium will be opened at Sheraton Addis Hotel while an exhibition will be staged at the Friendship Square for two days starting from January 28.

According to him, a 5-kilometer road race will also take place at Mesqel square in the capital on January 30 in the presence of prominent Ethiopian athletes, invited guests, and participants, he pointed out.

The President of the Ethiopian Business Women Association, Engdaye Eshetie on her pat said a special coffee ceremony program will be prepared thoroughly out the country on January 28.

According to ENA, some 5 million cups of coffee are expected to be drunk for free by participants, invited guests, among others in a single day in a bid to register a world record, she noted.

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