Ministry of Peace, Political Parities & ECSOC Ink MOU to Work Together to Make National Dialogue Successful

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October 17/2022 /  ( ENA) The Ministry of Peace, Ethiopian Political Parities Joint Council and Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations Council (ECSOC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together for the successful accomplishment of the national dialogue process.

State Minister of Peace, Taye Dandea, Executive Director of the Council of Ethiopian Civil Society Organizations, Henok Melese and Deputy Chairman of the Joint Council of Ethiopian Political Parties, Dr. Abudulqadir Adam have signed the agreement today.

Speaking at the event, Taye Dendea said, the tripartite agreement will enable the government, civil societies and political parties to work together and contribute their share towards the success of the ongoing national dialogue process, which he said will address many outstanding issues that the country doesn’t address for a long time.

‘‘The success of this project is expected to lay an unshakable foundation for Ethiopia’s peace, stability, democracy and development. Such an ambitious project cannot be achieved through the diligence of the National Dialogue Commission alone. Like we had contributed our share for the realization of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project, every citizen and every institution must contribute share for the success of the national dialogue process.’’

Ethiopia is a country with a great history, the state minister said; however, he added that there are many issues related with history and nation building approaches that direly need consensus among all Ethiopians.  

“Due to these differences, we are not yet able to get out of the vicious circle of conflicts,” he said noting that the planned national dialogue will play a great role in changing this scenario.

In light of that, the government of Ethiopia has helped to establish the National Dialogue Commission, he said.

The success of the National dialogue commission will enable the country to divert its focus on development issues rather than revolving around uncertain issues, he said.

He stressed the need to provide the necessary support by all pertinent actors to the commission with a view to successfully accomplish this noble tasks.

The Deputy Chairman of the Joint Council of Ethiopian Political Parties, Dr. Abdulkadir Adam, on his part, said the national dialogue will help address the multifaceted challenges of the country.

The agreement will also help the signing parties to play their role towards the success of the national dialogue process, he elaborated.

ECSOC Executive Director, Henok Melese said the process of national consultation will play an important role.

‘We met today on a historic day when three important stakeholders signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding that will enable us to work closely and intensively to help make the national consultation process successful .’’

Inclusiveness and the participation of all stakeholders in the consultation process is vital to bring about the desired outcome, he said.

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