Millions in Addis Denounce Terrorists TPLF, Shene   –

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Millions Parade in Meskel Square, Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, November 8, 2021 (Walta) – Millions of people of Addis Ababa paraded to the historic Meskel Square to denounce the war waged against Ethiopia by terrorists TPLF and Shene.

In the grand rally that City’s Mayor Adanech Abebie, her cabinet members, elders, representatives of various political parties, among others attended, the people chanted slogans themed: ‘I defend Ethiopia paying any sacrifices’.

When Mayor Adanech spoke about the purpose of the rally at the event, she said the response that people of Addis are making to the call of the country is good news to Ethiopia’s lovers and sends a shockwave to its enemies.

Adanech also underlined the fact that there won’t be respect and freedom without a sovereign land.

Terrorist TPLF and Shene are Trojan horses of neo-colonialists, forces that our forefathers had already brought to their knees at Adwa.

“As sons and daughters of Adwa, Ethiopians do anything to reassert our freedom.”

Yesterday, the enemies’ were plotting conspiracies from underground, now they are vividly telling to Ethiopians that they will even go to hell so as to dismantle the country.

The Trojan horses are getting support from forces that trade in the name of democracy, she said, adding that their undemocratic nature is now exposed.

She said they are publically demonstrating their wishes to put a client state in Ethiopia contrary to the will of Ethiopians that have been expressed by electing their representatives. “Your wishes won’t come true.”

The external elements waged a war of misinformation and disinformation for over a year through their mainstream media targeting to tarnish Ethiopia. For instance Adanech added: “They reported as genocide was perpetrated in Tigray, but when the UN body dismissed the claim, these media outlets never get the gut to ask for apologies.”

The most recent war of disinformation is being conducted targeting the people of Addis Ababa. The media circulated propaganda that Addis Ababa is under siege by terrorist forces.

Adanech said the reality is the otherwise. “Yes, it is. Addis is surrounded by its unique people, by its children who defend it. ”

Also, the Mayor indicated that the people of Ethiopia never exchange their freedom for donations and loans.

The Ethiopian Press agency learnt that the entire farmers and pastoralists of Ethiopia have picked their arms to dismiss the enemies from the face of the earth.

She added: “We haven’t lived in bondage; we haven’t inherited bondage and never accept it now.”


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