Mexico Sees Ethiopia’s National Dialogue Way to Consolidate Democracy

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May 28/2022/ENA/  Mexico Ambassador Victor M. Trevino said conducting an inclusive national dialogue in Ethiopia is one way of consolidating democracy in the country.

The ambassador told ENA that Mexico respects the national dialogue process as an inclusive way that consolidates democracy in the country.

“We consider that this is the way to consolidate democracy in a great country like Ethiopia,” Trevino pointed out.

According to him, the promise by the prime minister that the national dialogue will be inclusive  is a good sign and way to consolidate democracy in Ethiopia.

With respect to bilateral relations between Mexico and Ethiopia, the ambassador pointed out that they are working on further improving the already mature ties in different fields even at this difficult time.

The countries have been working in different fields and sectors, including agriculture, education,  air transport services, and import-export trade.

Yet, he said the flights between Ethiopia and Mexico should be further improved because there is growing import-export of products between the two countries.

“We need to improve this and we are working on it. But we are very proud that the most important airline in the African continent, Ethiopian Airlines is flying twice a week to Mexico; and we have with this cargo flights.”

Noting the need to further improve economic ties of the countries, Ambassador Trevino stressed that Mexico is keen to work on tourism sector with Ethiopia because both Ethiopia and Mexico have immense tourism potential that can attract investments.

“Ethiopia deserves to have more investment in tourism, and Mexico is very open to work with Ethiopia in that endeavor,” he stated.  

The ambassador further said that the 72 years principled diplomatic relation between Ethiopia and Mexico is strong in international forums, including in the United Nations Security Council meetings.

Mexico is a permanent member of the UN Security Council since last year and has constantly been in direct contact with the Ethiopian government on issues of the country, Trevino added.

“We respect the position of Ethiopia and our position in the international forums is to respect the voice of Ethiopia,” the ambassador stressed.

He revealed that “Mexico has been supporting Ethiopia in this difficult time to respect the decisions of the country. But at the same time we are proud to notice that the relation is also very mature.”

The foreign ministers of Mexico and Ethiopia have been in constant and direct contacts on Ethiopian issues in the meetings, it was learned.

Mexico is remembered for its historic stance for respecting Ethiopia’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and position, including condemning the Italian invasion.

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