Members of Federal Police Force Reaffirm Commitment to Ensure Peace, Rule Law

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Addis Ababa June 6/2022 /ENA/ Members of the Ethiopian Federal Police Force have reaffirmed commitment to further enhance their efforts with a view to ensuring peace and rule of law in the country.

It was learned that Ethiopian Federal Police along with the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Special Forces of regional states and other security forces of Ethiopia has made sacrifices to ensuring the peace, stability and maintaining the unity and sovereignty of the country.

A grand event was organized on Sunday in Addis Ababa at Meskel Square to honor members of the Federal Police Force for their noble tasks.   

During the occasion, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that the people are enjoying peace due to the hard work and sacrifice of the Ethiopian Federal Police emphasizing the importance to honor and recognize the police who are defending the  peace and security of the country.

Speaking to ENA, Federal Police Crime Investigation Bureau Deputy Head, Hassen Negash said the recognition given to the Federal Police will help the members to further enhance their efforts to sustainably ensure the peace and stability of the nation.

Since policing is about living for the country and the people, it demands sacrifices, Hassen stated.

 “Such recognition will extensively motivate the army to pay more sacrifices for the people and the country to realize peace and ensure of rule of law in the country,” he pointed out.

Federal Police Command Force Bureau Deputy Head, Commander Jara Bogale on his part recalled that the army in the Ethiopian Federal Police has been playing a crucial role in settling and restoring the peace and stability of the country disrupted by anti-peace elements.

He reiterated that the recognition that has been given to the staffs and managements of the Federal Police will create courage among members to effectively accomplish other operations with more courage.

 “We are ready to continue to pay sacrifices to defending the nation from any kind of threats that endanger the peace and sovereignty of Ethiopia,” Jara said.   

Federal Police Emergency Bureau Head, Aysa Damene on his part reiterated that the recognition of Federal Police staffs for their sacrifices would encourage them to be more active in their future missions.

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