Members of Diaspora Say Committed to Stand Alongside Ethiopians in Difficulties

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Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora who came to Ethiopia from the UK said they are here to stand alongside Ethiopians during this period of difficulties.

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Speaking to ENA, Zelalem Tessema, a member of the diaspora from UK said the aim of his homecoming is to make the statement that Ethiopia is at peace and open for business.

According to him, the diaspora are here to uplift and support Ethiopia to get out of the difficulty  it is facing politically, financially and in public relations.

“We Ethiopians are coming to Ethiopia in millions to make the statement that by and large Ethiopia is at peace; and Ethiopia is open for business. And the other point is that not only when it is joy, but also when Ethiopia has got difficulties that we support it. We may be British or Europeans; at the end of the day we are Ethiopians. This is our home,” he stressed.

The other member of the diaspora from same country, Zelalem Getahun said on his part the objective of home coming of the diaspora is to show solidarity and support to Ethiopia while some Western countries are asking their citizens to get out of Ethiopia.

The coming of the diaspora to Ethiopia will send a message to the international community that the country is in peace and working to eradicate poverty, he added.

He further stated that the diaspora has been providing correct information to the international community about the reality in Ethiopia, responding to the false information that is being disseminated by the digital media of the terrorist TPLF.

“We have been providing the correct information to the world. The TPLF digital army have been misinforming the public. So, we are trying to tell the truth about what is going on in Ethiopia. While we are staying here, we will document what is going on here or what the facts are on the ground to show them to the public using the social media.”   

Furthermore, Zelalem pointed out that the diaspora will take part in all activities organized by the Ethiopian government and show their solidarity financially and politically to victims of the  terrorist TPLF.

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