Members of Diaspora Call on TPLF to seize on Peace Option Initiated by Government

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Addis Ababa August 9/2022 /ENA/ Some members of the Ethiopian Diaspora have urged terrorist TPLF to seize on the peace option initiated by the Government of Ethiopia.

Speaking to ENA, Bedir Ethiopia International Organization in USA President, Ahmed Worku, said the initiative taken by the government to solve the conflict of northern Ethiopia and to also hold national dialogue is commendable.

These are expected to bring lasting peace and economic development to the country, he noted.

The president urged the TPLF to make the best use of the peace initiative in ending conflicts peacefully.

“The TPLF need to take this opportunity created to solve the conflict with the government seriously. They have to open their minds for peace talks. I think they have lost a lot of opportunities so far. But they have now to seize on this opportunity since it is good for the people living in the region.”

Nothing good comes out of war, Ahmed stressed, adding that war would aggravate the overall problems of the country.

The president believes that internal problems need to be solved through discussion. A government pursuing peaceful option should, therefore, be encouraged.

“ I believe that deep conversation and understanding as well as accepting the ideal supremacy is a great move towards civilization. Peace is crucial not only for the people but also the animals. As a third world country Ethiopia need peace because killings and displacement as well as destruction of properties result in poverty and destruction of generations.”

In addition to the efforts of the government to ensure peace in the country, the public has also the responsibility to collaborate and support efforts of the government in ensuring peace and stability, he underscored.

“ I personally and Bedir Ethiopia International Organization in USA support the stance of the Ethiopian government for pursuing peace to solve domestic conflicts. It is peace which enables the country to become economically and politically strong.”

First Higira Foundation Diaspora and Media Department Head, Anuar Ahmed on his part noted that the efforts of the government to solve conflicts peacefully needs to be supported.

He added that the conflict in northern Ethiopia and other parts of the country should be normalized within a short period.

According to the head, “the Ethiopian government needs to strengthen its effort in ending conflicts in the northern and other parts of the country … The move to hold national dialogue to bring national consensus is also commendable and encouraging.”  

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