Media Institutions Urged to Enhance Capacity to Prevent Cyber-attacks

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Addis Ababa, October 20/2021( ENA) Information Network Security Agency (INSA) has urged all media institutions in Ethiopia to enhance their capability to prevent the increasing cyber-attacks.

INSA Deputy Director General Antenhe Tesfaye made the remark during a day-long training organized for social media experts of various media institutions in the country with the view to enhancing cyber security capacity of the media.

The training is part of the ‘Cyber Security Month’ program launched on October 11 under the title “Cyber Security Shared Responsibility, Let’s Know & Be Cautious.”

In his opening remark he made at the training, Antenhe said media are among the most targeted institutions by cyber-attackers.

Noting that cyber-attacks are increasing form time to time, he said INSA is working to strengthen national capacity to ensuring cyber security at all levels.

”Unless we built our capacity to repel cyber-attacks and bring a lasting solutions to the related challenges, it would be difficult to ensure the peace, development, and democracy of the country,” he underscored.

In this regard he said that the Agency is committed to work with all institutions in the country to help enhance capacity to preventing cyber-attacks.

Ethiopia has encountered some 2,800 cyber-attack attempts during the last Ethiopian fiscal year (2020/21), according to INSA.

According to INSA Deputy Director General, 94 Million USD loss has been registered in 2020 due to cyber-attacks orchestrated on media companies alone.

It is indicated that 2.5 trillion USD was lost due to cyber-attacks in 2020. It is also predicted that the world is expected to loss 6 trillion USD in 2025 because of Cyber-attacks.

The objectives of Cyber Security Month are to carry out mobilization with a view to enhancing awareness among the cyber community including individuals and institutions and to help ensure the national interests of the country.

During the month, awareness creation activities will be carried out among individuals, governmental and private institutions focusing on ways to mitigate and control cyber-attacks on technologies being used by them.

Workshops, exhibitions, and panel discussions are also part of the month-long cyber security awareness creation program, it was indicated. 

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